Thanksgiving is, of course, a day of gathering. In Michigan, it's also the day even in poor seasons the Lions take center stage in the NFL. This season with the Detroit Lions off to their best start since the early 1960s, there's more interest than ever in seeing the Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

But if the house you'll be spending the day at are cord cutters, be sure before you go that you'll be able to watch the game.

When is the Lions 2023 Thanksgiving Game

As is tradition, the Lions will again be in the early window and the game against Green Bay will air on Fox.

The Lions game will be followed by that other Thanksgiving tradition, the Dallas Cowboys in the later afternoon window. CBS has that game.

Finally, the newest tradition of a prime-time game without a traditional hosting home team will feature this year San Fransisco at Seattle on NBC.

This year will see a first-ever Black Friday game with Amazon streaming a 2p Eastern kick with Miami at the NY Jets.

How to See the Lions Game if Your Thanksgiving Host is a Cord Cutter

To avoid throwing a turkey leg through a flatscreen, be sure that your host will have the Lions available on TV.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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The question was recently raised on the Michigan subreddit by hosts who are just that, cord-cutters, who want to ensure their guests will get the game.

We are cord cutters but are hosting thanksgiving at our house this year. Would like to be able to stream the game. Whats the best service I can sign up for a month or whatever so we can watch? Would it be worth looking into digital antennae?

The most simple answer is, of course, to get an antenna to pick up the local broadcast of the local Fox affiliate.

Other streaming services like Sling may carry local network affiliates, but it's best to check the available channel line-up before signing up.

YouTube TV took the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket starting this season. That means the paid YouTube service would certainly have the game available.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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However you get the game, hope your dinner is well digested if you get another roller coaster of emotions as the Lions gave in their come-from-behind historic win against the Chicago Bears.

Of course, if you somehow do miss out on seeing the game or choose not to watch football on Thanksgiving, these movies are classics for the holiday.

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