Punxsutawany Phil may have seen his shadow, and that may mean that we will see an early Spring, BUT I'll believe THAT when I see it!

Regardless,it is looking like the weather isn't enough to keep Green Bay from playing the Steelers on Sunday! It's not enough to keep the fans away either.  Although thousands of flights have already been cancelled, be it sleet, rain or snow; the die hards will find a way to make it to Texas Stadium on Sunday with ticket in hand. The "Groundhog Day Blizzard 2011" has negatively impacted Dallas, a place not usually touched by such weather.  They were not able to dodge this bullet as the inclement weather swept over one third of the country.  To call Wednesday a "snow day" is an understatement.  Thousands of flights in limbo but the Mayor of Dallas says the [Super Bowl] will go on!