One forecast says an inch, another says two inches, a third says six inches. I guess Mother Nature still has people guessing. 

As much as we like to think we know everything with our smartphones and our apps and our high powered computers, it's nice to know that Mother Nature still has the final word.

This weekend, snow is coming our way for sure, but try getting a fix on how much.

Let's start with who shows us that not much is expected. "About an inch" through Sunday they say.

And then we move to the government forecast from the National Weather Service here in Grand Rapids, which clearly states "around two inches" on Saturday. Add to that "around an inch" from Friday night and you get maybe three inches.

NWS Grand Rapids

Last, but not least is Accuweather, taking the three inches laid down by the NWS and adding the possibility of another three, moving the line to six inches.


I guess in the long run it doesn't matter. You'll have to get your shovels out Sunday to clean up. And next week? More cold, more snow, and no days above freezing at least until the 21st. Damn that groundhog!

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