Ask a Chippewa of a certain age and you'll hear that Central Michigan University was the party school in Michigan.

Sure, Michigan State has its burning couches and Michigan Tech is so far north, there's nothing else much to do but party. Regardless, it was CMU in Mount Pleasant that was known for its wild times.

That may have changed according to a recent ranking from Barstool Sports.

CMU Party
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The sports media outlet crafted a graphic to compare a school's athletic success and party culture.

In the upper right hand quadrant which represents to athletics and top parties, both Michigan and Michigan State found a home. It's Alabama that Barstool puts highest in this quadrant.

Compare to the top athletics/lousy parties and you'll find the likes of Notre Dame, Villanova and Duke.

As for the good at parties/bad a sports, that's the home of Eastern Carolina, Arizona State and MAC stalwart Ohio University.

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The worst quadrant, perhaps, to be in would be the bad at sports/bad at parties lower left-hand and a very prominent "flying C" from Central Michigan University sandwiched between the Kent Golden Flashes and the Tulsa Golden Hurricane.

There are Chippewa Alumni who took issue including Lansing meteorologist and likely grad of the Broadcast and Cinematic Arts program, Justin Bradford who commented,

No dispute for athletics but Central Michigan is disrespectfully low on this list

Others agreed:

I was shocked when I saw that! Either they’re crazy wrong or things have changed a lot! Lol Fire Up Chips!

took me a minute to find Central because I didn’t even look to the left. Definitely wasn’t that low when I went.

100%. Central is a much better party school than uofm.

Perhaps partying isn't dead in Mount Pleasant after all.

At least for the Chips, they can claim to have been on Barstool's radar. Unless my eyes deceive me in the logo mash of the graphic, neither Western nor Eastern Michigan have the clout to even be listed. And that's about the most Western and Eastern thing possible.

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