Ahhhh, Christmas.  It's sooner than we may want to think. Families getting together, sharing the joy of the holiday season.  The hustle and bustle of gift shopping.

And, don't forget  the beautiful sounds of Christmas music.  Fa-la-la-la-la...

Christmas music???  Are you kidding?  It's not Halloween yet, let alone Thanksgiving, and we're talking about Christmas music?

Actually.....yes!  Listeners are calling the show and asking when we will begin playing Christmas music.  They are ready!  And, I guess that is because, according to a new Harris Poll, the most popular holiday of the year is Christmas and some of us just can't wait.

So, what do you think?  Is Christmas your 'most favorite time of the year?'

By-the-way, the poll did show Thanksgiving grabbing the number two spot, followed by Halloween, Independence Day and Easter.

So, what about that Christmas music?  100.5 The River will, of course, be your Christmas music station again this year, but as to when it begins, that gift to you is still wrapped tight, and won't be opened for awhile.

You'll just have to wait a bit longer. But, if you can't, let me tease you with this.



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