A hazmat team is currently working on containing and cleaning up a chemical spill in Wyoming, Michigan, on Friday morning.

Boy the last thing you want to hear about in your community is a chemical spill. Those can be so dangerous to water supplies and if the chemicals can cause problems when they become airborne and people breathe them in.

According to WOOD, a few businesses and their workers have been asked by authorities to shelter in place while a hazmat team works on a chemical spill on Stafford Avenues SW north of 32nd Street SW in Wyoming.

According to the Wyoming Department of Public Safety, the leak stems from a shipping container that had dimethyl carbonate inside it, was being hauled down the road and began leaking

There is good news and there is bad news. First the bad news, dimethyl carbonate is a solvent that is highly flammable and just a spark or static electricity can set the chemical a blaze. The good news is, the chemical is in no way shape or form an airborne threat of any kind.

Wyoming has a hazmat team of their own, but to contain this chemical spill quickly and efficiently, they called in the hazmat team from Grand Rapids to help with the spill and get it cleaned up. This is not easy task and will take several hours to accomplish.

So anyone within 150 of the area where the spill has occurred has to evacuate the area. Others that worked at nearby business have been sheltering at work until given the ok at some point today. This is a standard protocol according to the Wyoming Police and only issued as a precaution.

You may want to avoid 32nd Street since it is only one lane in both directions. If you drive in that particular area of Wyoming, you are asked by police to avoid 32nd Street between Buchanan and Clyde Park avenues.

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