"Being Sober Is Boring", those words actually came out of Charlie Sheen's mouth after his "in home rehab".  Dr. Drew Pinsky, on a talk show said, "This will not work for him.  It doesn't work when the addict is setting the rules for his recovery."  It's like handing the keys over to the patient in an insane asylum.

This is a very sad story for me because I know the ending.  He is an addict. Anyone who has ever known an addict knows this is classic. This isn't even him. No one knows who Charlie Sheen is, not even Charlie.  Charlie Sheen has become tthe addiction.  Thats what we know and see and that's what he knows and sees.  It also doesn't help that he has endless supplies of money to feed the addiction.  Too bad a family member couldn't step in and deem him incompetent. But he will just become another statistic like, John Bulushi, Chris Farley, Janis Joplin, Lenny Bruce, Dana Plato, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison...the list gose on and on.

Feel blessed if you don't have leeches who are living off of you, where to them, the money is more important than you. Sad story and you can just see the ending can't you.  He can't make a right decision. Good thing Britney Spears had a dad who cared enough to do something...anything.  It saved her life!