What's your favorite candy or candy bar? Snickers, Milky Way, Pay Day, Baby Ruth? The list is endless, but there's nothing like chewing on your favorite candy bar. It's a little bit of heaven.

I started thinking about my favorites, and some "old favorites," and wondered what ever happened to....?

Remember Zagnut, Marathon, Power House, and more? Well, most are gone. They're not made anymore. So, what happened?

CNN Living website has a whole article on "missing" candy bars. Seems Power House, for example, was made by the Peter Paul company, Almond Joy, but the company was sold to Hershey and somewhere along the way Power House disappeared. Sad.

Even Beach - Nut Peppermint gum disappeared. What? Say it isn't so.

Check out the website. It's fun and worth finding out "what ever happened to......?

Oh, guess what? Zagnut is still made. All is well in the world!

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