Tonight is the Ultimate Candy Haul Night. Do you Have a Favorite?
This may be a silly question, but what is your favorite Halloween candy? My answer just may be everything, but seriously, almost anything chocolate is my favorite.
Yes, Halloween is a spooky holiday and it's really fun to get all dressed up in a fancy costume, but the whole point of that is to get fr…
Snickers Super Bowl Ad's Are Always the Best [Video]
Super Bowl commercials are usually among the best created ones of the year. With millions of people watching, advertisers pull out all the stops in hopes of rising to the top, and, sell lots of product.
Snickers has always been one of my favorites, year after year using celebrities, old TV shows, and…
It's "A Very Brady" Snickers Super Bowl Commercial [Video]
The Super Bowl is this coming Sunday, and what a game it should be with New England and Seattle squaring off. Can't wait. And, oh yes, there will be a few TV commercials.
Actually, that's what half the population tunes in for, and Snickers seeks to serve up the most beloved star of Super B…