The Michigan Adventure Race: Winter Edition returns to Camp Roger in Rockford on Saturday, January 28, 2017, and Sara Bard and her daughters will be ready for it.

Sara's is an especially poignant story since in 2013, Sara was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroendocrine cancer, the same cancer Steve Jobs had. This type of cancer is rare, and typically diagnosed in late stage since it usually is very slow growing and symptoms can mimic other infections. Sara is using the race as an opportunity to enjoy time with her two daughters and the life God has given her for as long as she can - and now as a way to increase awareness of this cancer. If caught early, it is much more treatable and sometimes considered curable.

Registration is still open at Currently 315 participants are signed up. Last year’s race drew 430, making it the largest winter adventure race in the U.S. five years running (and slipping and sliding).

Courtesy Michigan Adventure Race/Jamie Geysbeek Photography
Courtesy Michigan Adventure Race/Jamie Geysbeek Photography

The race is fun and very challenging. Two- or three-person teams will set out running through the woods to hidden checkpoints pre-marked on a map, collecting as many points as they can within three hours. They’ll encounter fun, not too difficult Amazing Race-like challenges throughout the area along with short snowshoe and fatbike/snowbike sections. Snowshoes and fatbikes will be provided.

Newer racers find that the challenges and checkpoint hunting give them just enough of a break to catch their breath before they run or walk to the next checkpoint. Experienced adventure racers looking for a greater challenge can try for checkpoints far from the start/finish, requiring good map reading and basic compass skills.

Friends, family and the general public are welcome to experience the race, although it's a bit of an adventure since the race takes place over a large area. Spectators need to shuttle in from parking lots one mile away because there is not parking at the camp. They can get copies of the race maps that will direct them to the challenges, several within easy walking distance.

Sponsors of the race to date include Spectrum Health, Gazelle Sports, Salomon, West Michigan Bike & Fitness, Peppino’s, Honey Creek Inn, Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus, EcoTrek Bars & Fitness, Icespike, Tubbs Snowshoes, Jamie Geysbeek Photography and Zanfel.

The charity partner selected for this edition of the race is Camp Roger. Proceeds will fund a scholarship for kids who cannot afford summer camp. Camp Roger offers a weekly overnight summer camp experience for young people and serves 10,000 participants in the fall, winter, and spring.

For more information about the race and to register, go to and visit

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