I bet you're suffering from Cabin Fever. After a few days of warm weather we have Freeze Warnings tonight with lows in the 20's. Governor Whitmer Stay At Home orders extended until May 28. So you have almost 3 more weeks of working from home.

So what's it like to travel now? A few weeks ago Gerald R. Ford International Airport was a ghost town. A friend of mine has to travel for work, four weeks ago there were only 4 people on her flight, a week later 16 and today 40 people. So there are signs of life for the airlines.

But what can you expect. Depending on airlines you'll probably be required to wear a mask. And there's no longer any in-flight service. So you'll have to buy your own snacks and soft drinks from a vending machine or the one store open in the A Side of GRR.

So where can you go? Florida weather has been amazing. They opened their beaches this week and restaurants are open for outdoor seating in indoor at 25% capacity. And for some reason Florida has almost -3,000 less deaths than state of Michigan.

So what would it cost. A look at Allegiant the only airline with direct flights to Florida right now was showing flights under $50 each way if you purchase days in advance. Last minute and it doubles or triples the cost. I took a look at seat count for tomorrow's flight to Punta Gorda/Ft. Myers and there are 40 seats already booked. Direct flights are cheaper and are roughly 2 hours and you won't have to go through Covid-19 Hot Spot Airports. Remember you'll want to stay away from the South Florida - so good options are Sarasota, Daytona Beach(Sanford), Tampa Bay, Punta Gorda (Ft. Myers) and Jacksonville. These locations all offer great beaches where you can social distance.

You may have heard of Frontier is offering now middle seat passenger seats for $39, but there are not flying direct to warm locations like Florida now. I was flying direct on Southwest, but they are not doing non-stops to Tampa.

Remember after any travel you may be required for 14 day quarantine if you're planning on going back around others or back to work.

Getting out of Dodge may be your answer to Cabin Fever if you have the time and a little money.

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