The holidays are coming fast.  Soon Thanksgiving, and, before you know it, Christmas.  Are you staying at home or are you planning to travel? 

If you're flying over the holidays it's going to cost more this year. And the longer you wait to book, the pricier it's likely to get.

Expedia says the average domestic airfare for the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas is $383 dollars, a 4 percent increase from last year.

As airlines fly fewer routes and planes to cut costs, there are fewer seats available. Flights are fuller than ever, and airlines can charge more.

Airlines have an additional reason to charge families more during the holiday season: there are fewer high-paying business travelers, and airlines need to make up for that loss of revenue. But fliers can save money by manipulating travel websites, planning itineraries that are a little less convenient and taking advantage of airfare refund policies.

A simple but valuable strategy: If you find a good fare, jump on it. The price might drop later on, but not much.