Wanted to update you on what to expect if you're flying in/out of Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Every few weeks I'm on Allegiant from Grand Rapids (GRR) from (PIE) St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL and back.

Good News: Prospect Hill Founders is now open. You can get your favorite Founders Beer, drinks and now food. If you're like me, it's kind of nice not to rush and grab a bite a beer and a bite before flying. Before your only option was Grand Rapids Travel Store or vending machines.

Prospect Hill Founders is now open. So you can enjoy Founders Beer on tap and grab a bite.
Grand Rapids Travel Store used to be your only option at GRR. It's still open and great place for snacks, books and maybe the power cord you forgot to pack.

Transportation: I checked every day last week and Uber and Lyft trips were available from GRR to downtown. There was a shortage of drivers while they were making more money on unemployment than working. Here's an example of GRR to downtown price just over $20 and only 7 minute wait.

Remember no Taxi Service at GRR. More Uber and Lyft trips are now available. Example of trip from GRR to Downtown GR is just over $20 plus tip.

Pros: Prices are still very low, but now on busy days around the weekend prices have jumped up. A quick check of flying to Tampa Bay area for 10 days out and prices are $60 or less each way. If you wait until the last minute it will be over $200. Remember that's before seats and luggage charges on Allegiant Airlines. And one insider tip if you want to maintain social distancing. Check-in late and choose a seat with no one else in your row.

Passengers were being good as Social Distancing upon entering the plane.

Food/Drinks: Unlike other airlines you can actually get food and drink service. They offered some nice snacks for purchase and a wide range of drinks including 3 wines, Margaritas and one beer Stella. Southwest wasn't serving any alcohol as recently as last week.

Cons - Full-Flights: Planes are very full. Don't expect middle seats to be open or having a row entirely to yourself anymore. My flight this weekend was very full. Allegiant does not alert you to the amount of people on the plane as some other airlines are doing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Masks: while each passenger is offered a safety kit with mask and sanitizing wipes, a vast majority of passengers were not wearing their mask.

No Social Distancing on exiting the airplane, but did see more people wearing their masks on the way out.

The weather is really hot in Florida right now. But now may be a great time to book a flight for this fall before prices jump back up again.