The Byron Center chicken is gone.

Some cosmetic surgery is needed so Byron DeChicken (yes, it has a name) is heading "to a chicken rehab ranch for the winter."

Anyone who has been through downtown Byron Center is familiar with the large chicken statue. The chicken is a well-known landmark found on 84th St. between the south end of Kent Trails and the popular Houseman's Ice Cream.

The chicken is now gone for repairs.

The Byron Center chicken's official blog (yes, it has a blog) explains that it was recently bought by a Byron Center family who is paying to send it to the "Fiberglass Chicken Hospital". The blog also says:

I’ve developed cracks in my sacroiliac and my feathers have been flaking off white paint. Well, I haven’t been able to talk because of all the surgeries I’ve had lately, but I’m getting better every day.

The chicken will return to Byron Center once repairs are complete.