2016 was quite a year, huh? We elected, and will be swearing in, a new President very soon, had to say goodbye to so many movie stars, recording artists, and others, who have made a difference, or had an effect, in our lives. And, locally, we have seen many, popular, or formally popular, businesses close up. 

One of my favorite web sites, GR Retro, brought to mind just some of the businesses that have, or will be closing. Flying Bridge Fish Market, Great Lakes Shipping Company, Konkle's Bar, DJ's Lounge. Elliots's Newsstand, in our building downtown, and a downtown destination for decades, is about to go.... And now Kmart!

Kmart was such a big part of our lives for so long. But, alas, times change, shopping habits are altered, and people stop coming in.

GR Retro
GR Retro

Although it was announced in September, the last two local Kmart stores closed down, including this one in Byron Center, who's last day was December 11. While parking lots were filled at malls and shops around West Michigan, the Kmart lot was empty, and so was the store. Too sad.

Bye, bye, Kmart.

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