I get that time moves on and things change, but still, it's a little sad when you read a story like this one, KMart is set to close the last two stores in the Detroit Metro area.  What makes this sad? Detroit was the birthplace of Kmart back in 1962.

CrainDetroit.com reports that the company that now owns Sear and Kmart, Transform Holdco LLC (which side note, that sounds like a company that is there to sell off the ish), is closing a total of 96 Kmart and Sears stores.

The last two hometown area Kmart stores, one in Warren and the other in Waterford, are closing fairly soon.  The Warren store will close in late December or early January and the Warren store is scheduled to close in February, according to CrainDetroit.com.

There's also a Sears store in Lansing closing at the same time as the Warren store. CrainDetroit.com says the liquidation sales for the Sears store and Warren Kmart store will start in December.

Curious how many Kmart and Sears stores that leaves still open? 182. One of which is the Sears store at the RiverTown Crossings Mall.

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