Hurting people usually make irrational and emotional decisions, celebrities and celebrities families are no different.

TMZ is reporting that those close to Whitney Houston's family are saying the family does not want Whitney's former husband, Bobby Brown, at her funeral this Saturday in Newark, New Jersey. Bobby recently cancelled some shows so that he could be with his and Whitney's 18 year old daughter who has been going through a really rough time.  He's been touring with New Edition, but put everything on hold to rush to Bobbi Kristina's side.  Their daughter was recently admitted to a hospital twice, having been described as having a nervous breakdown following her mother's death.

Since coming off the tour Bobby has not been allowed to see his daughter, despite phone calls and physical attempts that have been made.

My best guess is that the family, maybe Whitney's mother, blames Bobby Brown for her daughters downhill slide.  Still, he is Bobbi Kristina's father and sometimes people make mistakes early in life, so where and when does forgiveness come into the picture?

However, if it is Bobbi Kristina who does want to see her father, for whatever reason, then I believe her wishes should be honored by all.  It's all about her right now, and her well being, and giving her every tool she needs to heal the best way that a girl who has lost her mother can heal.



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