This funeral home in Flint had one job and they completely failed.

WNEM says that family members arrived at Swanson Funeral Home in Flint, to pay their respects to Alice Dunn, who passed away last week. But when they arrived they were shocked to find that the woman in the casket was the WRONG person!

"That ain't our mama" is the first thing that son of Alice Dunn said when he saw the casket.  He spoke to WNEM (video above) and said:

"It was a total stranger dressed in the clothing that my brother Joey [picked out] and the wig selected for our mother."


The family immediately alerted employees which then they had the audacity to DENY what happened. Even worse, they insisted that the woman in the casket was their mother because of a "name band."

Eventually, the real Ann Dunn was brought out. But it still left everyone confused as to how something like this could happen. WNEM reached out to the funeral home regarding the situation but they have not responded.

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