Can't wait to get my mountain bike out of the garage.  While a few hardy souls have hit the trails over the past few weeks, I'm willing to wait until the snow is out of the woods and things dry a little.  Cannonsburg, Lutton, Greenville... nice places to ride.  Maybe this year I'll try Yankee Springs. ...if I can afford to drive there.

The cost of driving your car is up nearly three-and-a-half percent from this time last year.  Triple-A's 2011 "Your Driving Costs" study says the increased costs were mainly driven by large hikes in gas prices.  Tire prices showed the largest percentage increase in the study, while depreciation showed the lowest.  That is, unless you had a large car.  Small sedans faired better than bigger vehicles.  The good news is the costs of maintenance and insurance both declined.  The study was based on driving 15-thousand miles a year.
This year, it costs over 58 cents a mile, or nearly 88-hundred dollars.  In 1950, when the first study was conducted, it cost nine cents a mile to drive your car ten-thousand miles and gas was 27 cents a gallon.