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Exciting News – Gas Prices are Falling
Like autumn leaves, gasoline prices are falling.
It's been subtle, but have you noticed regular unleaded gas now averages $3.46 a gallon? That's the lowest national average since January, and 35 cents less than year-ago levels. Prices are expected to drop another 20 to 25 cents in the comin…
Are Gas Prises Going Up? Yep!
That September drop you were expecting for gasoline prices? Don't hold your breath.
Currently, gasoline averages $3.55 a gallon nationally, down from $3.63 a month ago. Most analysts expected a drop to about $3.40 by early fall, as seasonal demand slumps after the summer driving season. Now, som…
Shocking Gas Prices at $4.15 per Gallon
Were you as shocked as I was this past weekend when I noticed gas prices had jumped 25 cents a gallon over night?  We all were.
So, what's up with the high prices?  The price per barrel is stable or down a bit, and I thought supplies were good, too.
Gas Prices Going Up Again As Subsidy Ends
What is this news about the subsidy ending?  Usually we see gas prices rising because of something has has happened in the gulf or because the price of a barrel of oil has risen.  This time, it's something different.  This gas hike is happening because congress declined to renew …
Gas Prices Rise In West Michigan [VIDEO]
Gas prices are rising ahead of the holiday weekend.  The price for a gallon of regular gas rose from $3.38 in some place to as much as $3.75 this afternoon.
WZZM TV 13 says the increase comes as oil prices surge.  The cost of crude is now at $94.27 a barrel.
Gas Prices On Their Way Down?
West Michigan drivers could soon see some relief at the pump.
The price of crude oil tumbled nearly $5 per barrel Thursday after 28 countries pledged to release more oil from their strategic reserves.  Half of the more than 60-million barrels is coming from the United States...

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