While searching the internet last week I ran into a site that listed some of the highest-scoring games in the NHL's modern era and came across a fact I had not known before. Apparently, the Detroit Red Wings have the biggest shutout in NHL history, when they dominated one of the other Original 6 teams, the New York Rangers on January 23rd, 1944. The score was an astounding 15- 0 victory that still stands as the largest shutout in the NHL to date.

That's not to say there haven't been bigger shutouts, in fact, women's hockey holds the record for the largest shutout, in a score that I don't think will ever be touched. According to Official Guinness Records, the highest score in hockey history was when Slovakia beat Bulgaria 82-0 in a Pre-Olympic women's qualification game on September 6th, 2008. Good luck touching that score.

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Scoring Rundown

The game started off slow for the Red Wings and the goals increased with every new period.

1st period

Murray Armstrong (EV) assisted by Harold Jackson and Adam Brown: 1-0

Bill Quackenbush (EV) assisted by Flash Hollett: 2-0

2nd period

Carl Liscombe (PP) unassisted: 3-0

Adam Brown (EV) assisted by Joe Carveth: 4-0

Mud Bruneteau (PP) unassisted: 5-0

Harold Jackson (EV) assisted by Don Grosso and Adam Brown: 6-0

Ken Kilrea (EV) assisted by Syd Howe and Mud Bruneteau: 7-0

3rd period

Carl Liscombe (EV) assisted by Syd Howe and Don Grosso: 8-0

Don Grosso (EV) assisted by Joe Carveth and Murray Armstrong: 9-0

Don Grosso (EV) assisted by Joe Carveth and Murray Armstrong: 10-0

Syd Howe (EV) assisted by Carl Liscombe and Mud Bruneteau: 11-0

Flash Hollett (EV) assisted by Murray Armstrong: 12-0

Murray Armstrong (EV) assisted by Don Grosso: 13-0

Syd Howe (EV) assisted by Joe Carveth and Adam Brown: 14-0

Syd Howe (EV) assisted by Harold Jackson and Joe Carveth: 15-0

Victims of 2nd Largest Shutout Loss

It's pretty impressive that only one of the Red Wings' starting line-up skaters didn't record a point that night. It really speaks to how dominating this team was. Coincidentally enough the Red Wings were victims of what is tied for 2nd for the biggest shutout loss, losing 13-0 to another of the original 6 teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs back in 1977.

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