Rest assured. As others complain and argue, many have rolled up their sleeves and are forging ahead and getting things done. Be The Bridge, Grand Rapids. 

I'm not sure who wrote this poem, but the video was put together by Downtown GR, Inc. and they have a Facebook page you can join, if you care to be positive, like I think most of us are.

Be Safe. Be Strong. Be The Bridge.

'In their stillness, we see strength...'

Be the Bridge, Grand Rapids. During times of calamity, fear and uncertainty, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and miss the good happening around us. “Look for the helpers,” Mr. Rogers’ mom would say when he saw something scary on the news. “You will always find people who are helping.” That’s the purpose of this group – to provide a platform for collecting and sharing the stories of the people helping West Michigan win the fight against the pandemic. The health care workers on the frontlines. The volunteers packing lunches for kids out of school. The grocery store professionals stocking shelves. Your neighbor sewing face masks. Find a photo of the helpers on your camera roll or take their portrait (with their permission and using safe social distancing measures) and share their story on this group page. When this difficult moment is over – when we’re on the other side – we’ll have an inspiring demonstration of the many ways our community came together and grew even stronger.

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