Sometimes watching other people engage with artwork at ArtPrize can be just as entertaining as experiencing it firsthand.

Dominic Pangborn's "Michigan in Motion" is getting reactions of shock, big smiles, and lots of double takes.

"Michigan in Motion" is heading towards the front of the list of early favorites at ArtPrize 2014.

When you first see "Michigan in Motion" it looks like any other painting. Walk towards it and that immediately changes. The three dimensional aspect of the piece makes it seem as though you are walking down a hallway with black and white floors and into the art.

The effect works from multiple angles. It works so well it leaves some viewers doubting the artist. Some don't believe that there isn't some hidden trick or video that creates the effect.

Pangborn has a similar piece of art, "Baseball in Motion", at Marlins Mark, the home of Major League Baseball's Miami Marlins.

"Michigan in Motion" hangs on the same wall that 2011's ArtPrize winner "Crucifixion" did at DeVos Place Convention Center. Having a prime location is a major contributing factor to ArtPrize success.

Add Pangborn's location to the buzz surrounding "Michigan in Motion" and the piece could be set to do very well at ArtPrize 2014.

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