As ArtPrize begins it's 4th year of bringing art and conversation to Grand Rapids in a "really big" way, the concern has always been to hold an event the is truly open to all.  And by that I mean, accessible to all, even with a physical disability. 

ArtPrize has been able to achieve that at most of their venues.  Of the 162 venues this year, 117 are self-identified as being "handicap accessible.

flickr/ \!/_PeacePlusOne
flickr/ \!/_PeacePlusOne

ArtPrize has never taken this lightly, either.  They have spent countless hours working with different advocate groups to make sure it's meeting the needs of those with disabilities and even elderly visitors.

As a matter of fact, this is the second year ArtPrize has teamed up with Hope Network to provide an ADA accessible shuttle on both of the downtown routes.

WZZM, our news partner, reports that there will be two busses on each of the routes, which essentially is the same route as Artbus and the Experience GR shuttles.

If anyone needs a shuttle to pick them up, there's a dispatch number on Hope Network's website to call  and a driver will come and pick you up at any shuttle stops or exhibition center.

The Hope Network Dispatch Center number is 616.243.0876. The shuttle will be making stops throughout the day at the Exhibition Centers and The Hub.  You can also log on the their web site HERE.

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