This afternoon, it was reported that an entry in ArtPrize Nine has gone missing. 

"Tomato Cage" by Matt Tol is at the City Water Building by richard app gallery for ArtPrize Nine. The venue is one of the best you'll find at ArtPrize this year. It was also a top venue last year.

Richard App Gallery said this on Facebook:

One of the biggest party fouls you can do during ArtPrize is take the work of an artist. Unfortunately we had that happen with Tomato Cage by Matt Tol. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of his work please contact us.

I've enjoyed seeing "Tomato Cage" a couple of times.

It reminds me of last year's "Bent Sub Sandwich." Both were at City Water Building by richard app gallery, both were in almost the exact same spot in the building and both are a bit whimsical. Plus, I've eaten many non-bent sub sandwiches with tomatoes.

Whimsical or not, the work needs to be respected. If you know anything on the whereabouts of "Tomato Cage" please contact Richard App Gallery.

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