ArtPrize 2018 kicks off officially this Wednesday, September 19, running through October 7. Artists from around the world are competing for a share of the $500,000 in prize money, judged equally by the public and the experts.

One of the more interesting exhibits will be at Founder's Brewery. There you'll see Man-hole covers!

You bet, Manhole covers, or, as artist Russell Muits calls them, Utility Covers. His installation is a collection of unique prints made from utility covers in more than 30 cities across the U.S. using block ink and raw canvas. Together, the pieces take viewers on a journey through the backstreets, sidewalks, and alleyways of our nation, while bringing attention to history and the often overlooked beauty beneath our feet.

Throughout the duration of Art Prize, prints from the streets of Grand Rapids will be created and displayed, including one large, multi-layered piece. This installation includes an interactive portal of photos, video footage, history lessons, and the incredible stories behind each print.

If you need more information on ArtPrize, simply CLICK HERE!

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