Jeffrey Augustine Songco's installation "Revelry" brought 2,700 pounds of Mardi Gras beads to Calder Plaza in Grand Rapids at ArtPrize 2015. Those beads were (mistakenly?) taken on opening weekend.

Songco is back for ArtPrize Eight with the "Macarena" at UICA.

Last year's installation featured a 200 foot long chain link fence decorated with nearly 30,000 necklaces. Signs explained that visitors were welcome to bring their own necklaces to add to the fence, but on the first Saturday of ArtPrize nearly all of the beads were taken.

After word got out, some people returned necklaces on Sunday or brought in their own. This year, Songco has more Mardi Gras beads, but they're at the UICA gift shop and you'll have to pay for them.

The celebratory theme continues with the "Macarena" at UICA. Songco's entry "Let’s Dance America!" features a 52-minute video compilation of stories collected, written and performed by Songco.

Each story has Songco playing a different character who answers the question: "When and where did you first learn the Macarena?"

While viewing the entry you'll see a wide range of stories, a little dancing, a few mardi gras beads and have a chance to participate by taking a photo in the selfie station.

This is Songco's fourth time at ArtPrize and first time in the Time-Based category.