I'm not really sure this makes you feel better about being young and broke, but Grand Rapids is the second best city to be young and broke in.

When I was young and broke, I lived in Gaylord, in the middle of the "Up North" resort belt. I couldn't afford to do anything the tourists were doing, but hey, at least I was "up north" where part of your pay is a view of the bay! Try eating that for dinner.

Is this good news,then, that GR is the among the best cities to be young and broke in? It actually is when you break it down.

According to Kali McFadden, the senior research analyst for MagnifyMoney, factors like average commute time, costs of goods and low unemployment for young people were all factors considered.

It’s not that (the top three) cities necessarily scored the highest on all the features we analyzed, but when we weighted those features according to what the young adults we surveyed said mattered the most, the lower-than-typical rents and price combined with modest commute times to bring Midwestern cities to the top of the list.

The worst place to be young and broke? Pretty much anywhere in California, as that state took the lowest seven spots on the survey.

Now, can someone point me in the direction of the best place to be when you're OLD and broke? Thank you.


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