If you believe in wishing upon a shooting star, then your night is coming. The best meteor shower of 2020 is slated to streak across the West Michigan night sky on Sunday, December 13.

Geminid's are usually the strongest meteors of the year and most occur after midnight. However, this year the celestial event can be visible starting after 9pm and continue through out the night increasing in frequency until 2am. Typically, a Geminid meteor shower features around 100 meteors, but 2020's display could highlight more than 150 meteors in dark areas. The starry starry night will be more visible because the moon will be in a new phase and 1% full.

NASA advises, "For the best viewing, find a safe location away from bright city lights, lie flat on the ground with your feet pointing south and look up. Meteors can appear in any part of the sky, though they'll appear to radiate from near the constellation Gemini."

The Geminid's are often intense and brightly colored. Here are some watching tips from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If clouds are in the forecast, you can try seeing the shooting stars earlier in the weekend or head south away from the clouds where the viewing conditions improve.

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