Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started earlier this year, the election in November has been a hot topic.  Throughout the primaries, states struggled with decisions on whether or not to postpone the elections, hold them in person, through the mail, or even cancel them all together.

With social distancing difficult to do with large numbers, as shown by COVID-19 infections from the Wisconsin primaries, many states like Michigan are turning to the absentee ballot option in November.

In 2018, Michiganders passed a ballot proposal that allowed any person in the state to request an absentee ballot without needing a specific reason.  Well, in addition to the ballot proposal being passed, the Michigan government has now decided to send absentee ballot applications to every Michigan citizen of legal voting age.  This decision has led to a lot of controversy so we wanted to know what you thought about the whole situation.

What do you think about voting through the mail?  Let us know by taking our survey below.

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