As if stories of the pain and suffering in the Ukraine aren't sad enough, stories are now beginning to surface about abuse of some Afghanistan children. But, not in Afghanistan, but right here in Michigan. 

In a story from Fox17 and WXYZ in Detroit, our state confirms it is investigating allegations Afghan migrant children are victims of abuse here in Michigan.

The complaints have been filed on behalf of Afghan refugee children. The poor children  have been through so much obviously even before they came to Michigan shelters. My heart is breaking for them. And, surprisingly, one shelter that served Afghan refugee children was run by Samaritas here in Grand Rapids. The other was a federal emergency intake shelter at the Starr Commonwealth Campus in Albion. Samaritas is the state’s largest foster care provider.

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The reports were that there were complaints about sexual abuse by another child and physical and verbal abuse from staff. At times there were not enough interpreters and excessive rules.

It's heartbreaking for these children in the first place. They don't know if their families have survived the Taliban, where they are, and if they will actually ever see them again.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services says they are on the case, and  investigating complaints at Samaritas.

You can link up to the whole story by CLICKING HERE!

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