The parents of 14-year-old Kalamazoo shooting victim Abigail Kopf have given a detailed interview with the Battle Creek Enquirer discussing all that their family has been through since the shooting on February 20.

Abbie's parents talked about how close she is with her sister, the panic they felt when they received a phone call telling them their daughter had been shot in the head, the first time she squeezed their hand, the anger they felt and the rehabilitation.

Abbie's father, Gene Kopf, says doctors have said, "With a little rehab, she'll be very close to functional, if not entirely functional, with no serious repercussions."

He also spoke about anger, "I had a few days of anger. I just don't want to hold onto anger. It's not worth it. Anger destroys your life. I have better things to live for. Anger won't do me any good."

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