This caught me a little off guard, but all of us throughout Kent County will be asked to consider a nine-tenths mill tax increase to benefit for our schools on May 2nd. This isn't limited to only certain districts, but all 20 Kent Public School districts. Are you thinking yes, no? Before you make up your mind, read on.

The Grand Rapids Business Journal published a well thought out and informative article about the upcoming vote, and it's a good read to truly understand what this is all about and what it could mean for all of us.

The article talks about the State authorization allowing for such a request back in 1994 because there was a legislative compromise in the wake of passage of Proposal A, giving intermediate school districts opportunity to get local approval for funding not met by the state-established “foundational funding” of per pupil state allotments.

The business community in Kent County is behind this, and they are hoping you will be too.

Link up HERE to read the whole article and be better informed.

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