All right. Here's the rundown.

Flowers are the big number one. No surprise there. That's the way most people go year after year, and moms love it, so why not? My mom has a green thumb, so I go with potted every year, but your mom might prefer cut. It's up to you.

Last year my mom got a handmade card that her quadragenarian son colored with crayons, and she said she really liked it. I was surprised that I could still operate those things. Mom was not.

I found several articles and a video that might be useful for last minute gift ideas:

Here's a link to a very diverse selection of movies to rent and watch with mom, courtesy of Patch.

Or how about this breakfast-in-bed checklist from The LA Times?

There are lots of great ideas at Mothers Day Central.

Here's a Mother's Day cake recipe from

Also, here's a YouTube video with some gift ideas.