I was just paying bills the other day when my city water/sewage bill arrived. I opened it, not to much, and paid it. Imagine for a moment I had opened it to see that I owed $3,000! After the EMT's had revived me I would have been first in line at city hall screaming!

That is kind of what happened in Hudsonville. No reports of heart attacks thank goodness, but when residents opened up their water bills they saw or will see, a bill for $3,000! Oops!

Fortunately, on Facebook this morning, the City of Hudsonville said Oops! We're sorry!

Fox17 reported that unfortunately, the residential water bills were all printed with the water usage of a large downtown account, "which means when you open up your water bill, it's going to say that you owe $3,000," the post says. It went on to say, "please disregard this version of your water bill. The printer will be re-printing the correct version and re-mailing those.

"Thanks for your patience on this!"


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