Don't have the time or motivation to workout?

You're about to have one less excuse.

Meet 88 1/2-year-old Sue Bosze from Grand Rapids. She's battling cancer and working out three times a week at the YMCA in Grand Rapids.

This is the third cancer for Bosze.

Six years ago, as she was battling a form of breast cancer for the second time, Sue joined a free Livestrong exercise program for cancer survivors at the YMCA supported by the Metro Health Hospital Foundation. It was her first time ever stepping into a gym. The weight training equipment "scared her half to death," but six years later she's still working hard at the gym.

Today, Sue is battling skin cancer and bench pressing 150 pounds.  "As long as I can go to the gym, I'm going to go," she said.  "It's very important to take care of yourself."

Best of luck to Sue as she continues to inspire all of us.

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