With Powerball reaching record highs, watch out for these five things your co-worker is likely to do if he or she hits the jackpot. 

1. Trash the cubicle

2. Flip off the boss

3. Rub it in an ex's face

4. Insult a coworker

5. Admit to food theft

Don't be jealous of the winner. Just take in all the insanity and enjoy it as entertainment before you never see them again.

The Powerball jackpot is pretty ridiculous right now with $1.5 billion just waiting to be claimed. You will find a bunch of thirsty gamblers waiting in long lines across the country just waiting to lose their money.

Your chances of winning are about the same as finding a parking spot in Boston, which is basically zero. If you did buy a ticket you can tune into your local television station or the Powerball website to check the numbers.

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