Ok, seriously, the story on Fox 17 about the firefighter/paramedic in Zeeland that just won big on online gambling is not helping my desire to try to double my electric bill money.

The story profiles Brandon Holmes who lives in Zeeland and is recovering from back surgery, so he's had some recent downtime.  So like a lot of Michiganders, since online gambling has kicked off in the state, Brandon decided he'd try his luck and kill some time at an online gambling site. He started with poker on his online site, which right away turned me off, cause I don't play poker, so I thought, no big deal. I would never win.  Until the Fox 17 story goes into how Brandon hit a huge jackpot by playing slots. I can play slots.

The story says he noticed the gambling website he was on had slots so he started playing 'Divine Fortune' one night. That night he won a couple of hundred dollars and went to bed.  The next day he decided to try the slot game again, put in $10, hit the same bonus from the night before, but this time won over $175,000.  Yeah, won the amount of a house, off a slot machine game, and $10.

Also how crazy the slot game was called "Divine Fortune", like DUH, of course, that machine was gonna be a blessing out of nowhere.  Brandon says that he got really lucky because normally (when he's not recovering from back surgery) he doesn't have a lot of downtime, especially during the day, which is when he won his huge jackpot.

He told Fox 17 that he was shocked when he found out he had won over $175,000 but also realized how lucky he was and this isn't something that happens to everyone, nor was he guaranteed to even win it.

And with that, is Brandon pretty much telling me not to try to double my electric money?

Or that I should play the slot games during the day because that's when they play better?


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