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I was sitting at my desk this morning working on something and randomly remembered watching the movie Little Monsters about a billion times when I was a kid. I don't remember why, but my grandparents owned it, and we ended up watching it nearly every time we were over at their house.

While it's not an actual Halloween movie, per se, it's a movie with monsters in it, so I'll go ahead and consider it one. It got me to thinking about other movies that I watched back in the day that had some sort of spooky twist, and that made me realize that I'd completely forgotten about some of the spooky gems.

So, here are five Halloween movies that you may have also completely forgotten about, but will immediately bring you back to your childhood.

Little Monsters

As I said, it's a movie about monsters. Starring Howie Mandel and Fred Savage, Little Monsters tells the story of Brian (Savage) who moves to a new town and befriends Maurice (Mandel) who is the monster that lives under his bed. They have all sorts of fun travelling around through the monster underworld and pulling pranks on kids. BUT, things get serious when Brian's brother Eric is kidnapped and they have to save him.

You can stream this movie via Prime video (rent for $3.99 or buy for $9.99) OR you can get a physical DVD but it must be some sort of collectors' item or something because that will set you back $35.

The People Under the Stairs

While the last one was kind of fun and something that you could watch with your kids, I DO NOT recommend sitting down for a family movie night with this one. The People Under the Stairs is a movie that one of my best friends and I came across in late elementary or early middle school and I will tell you right now that we were likely FAR too young to be watching it when we did.

A young boy (known by his friends as "Fool") gets trapped in weird fortified mansion owned by two crazy people who keep collecting children and trying to make the perfect one. Every time one of them screws up, they punish them by removing their hands or their tongues or whatever and then the make them live in crazy cages under the stairs. Fool befriends the couple's daughter, Alice, while trying to stay out of site and escape.

Practical Magic

Following the success of The Craft, and during the time when shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed were popular, the movie Practical Magic was released.

Practical Magic follows two sisters (played by Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) who also happen to be witches as they try to find love (which isn't so easy, because every man they fall in love with will meet and untimely death.) This movie isn't scary at all, and is toted more as a romantic comedy (but with MAGIC and WITCHES!)

The Monster Squad

We're taking a trip back to 1987 with this film wherein Dracula is very much alive and has recruited several of his monster bretheren to help him take over the world. Have no fear, though, because a group of kids known by most as losers who call themselves the Monster Squad, bands together to try to defeat them. (This movie was Strangers Things before Strangers Things was a thing.)

This might be a bit too scary for younger kids, but with a PG-13 rating, it's good for teens.

Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Hot take: I think that this movie is better than It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

This Halloween classic follows Garfield and his pal Odie dressed as pirates to head out trick-or-treating. Instead of getting bags full of candy, they end up shipwrecked, and discover a haunted house that's full of ghost pirates who have risen from the dead.

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