We all love our dogs, that's why we lovingly refer to them as man's best friend. But, are you actually treating man's best friend like your best friend? If you're leaving them at a home while you go out and enjoy the world, that's not very friendly of you.

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So maybe it's time you loaded up your pup into the car and enjoyed an adventure together. If you're looking for something fun you can get into without a lot of hassle, Muskegon has gone out of the way to make sure your dog has a great time.

1. Stop by the Norman F Kruse Park / Dog Beach

Yes, there is a beach just for your fuzzy friend in Muskegon, and it's a great place to romp and play for a few hours. The dog beach at the Northern end of the park, Dogs must be leashed in the sand, but are allowed off-leash in the water.

Laura Hardy / TSM
Laura Hardy / TSM

Make sure you bring a towel, leash, and some water they can drink that isn't from the Lake, and I promise your pooch will have the best day ever.

2. Grab a bite at The Deck

Yes, infamous deck at The Deck is dog friendly, meaning you can grab dinner and bring your dog along too. And yes, their instagram features good boys and girls that stop by, so you might as well get a photo while you're there.

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You can check out their menu online and see if they have something you can share with your pup before you go, or just pack a few extra treats in your go back for the good boy or girl by your side.

3. Visit the Downtown Muskegon PetSafe Dog Park

This dog park is perfect for dogs of all sizes to socialize and play.

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They offer a small dog park and a large dog park, a drinking fountain for dogs, and they're located conveniently downtown for a stop as you drive around town. The Park is open throughout the spring and summer months, and is closed during the winter.

4. Catch a movie at the Getty Drive-In

For a good chunk of the year, there's only one movie experience in West Michigan that will allow you to enjoy a movie with your pup.

The Getty Drive In, Muskegon
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So share that popcorn (or should I say, pup-corn) and catch a flick that will leave you and your dog's tail wagging.

So forget about leaving your pup behind the next time you get out and enjoy the town, and take them to Muskegon for a tail-wagging good time.

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