Michigan has a bit of an advantage when it comes to lake beach towns.  We have the most freshwater coastline of any state in the country.  Plus, we have some amazing small towns to visit.

Those two factors gave Michigan 3 towns in the top 10 lake beach towns in America on WalletHub's top 10 list.  To figure out which towns and cities made the list, WalletHub compared 205 cities across 58 key metrics.

Michigan had 5 towns that made the list, with 3 in the top 10!  Here are the towns that made the list and their ranking:

  • Traverse City (#1)
  • Holland (#6)
  • Alpena (#7)
  • Muskegon (#35)
  • Port Huron (#37)

That's right, Traverse City is THE BEST lake beach town in America!  Traverse City has the highest percentage of for-sale waterfront homes, the most nightlife establishments per capita, the most restaurants per capita, and the most coffee shops per capita.

WalletHub also listed the top 10 ocean beach towns in America, but since we don't have an ocean, we don't have any town that made the list.  You can check out both top 10 lists at WalletHub.com.

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