The price of not getting a good nights sleep. Andy and I are often asked about what it is like to have to get up so early to start on WTRV FM. Every morning radio broadcaster suffers from sleep deprivation. You just deal with it. Unfortunately, the home-life suffers a little. When you are tired, you just aren't as motivated to get things done...housework, dinner, etc.


The U.S. workforce is accomplishing less because of insomnia. It's not considered an illness which results in lost time at work. However, the American Insomnia Study shows it's having an annual negative impact of more than 63-billion dollars in lost productivity. The results are from a national sampling of just over 74-hundred workers. The estimated prevalence of insomnia in the sample was 23-percent among employees. It was found to be higher among working women than working men. It was also found to be lower among workers age 65 and older. The study's lead author says the findings raise questions for employers about whether it's worthwhile to address insomnia in the workplace

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