There's a special and enduring tribute to America's Bicentennial hidden in the wilderness of Michigan's central Upper Peninsula near Marquette, but you'd need an airplane or satellite to know it's there.

A grove of trees was planted in the outline of the number 1976 to mark that year's Bicentennial.

The find was shared recently to the You know you are from Marquette if..... Facebook page.

Commentors there noted not only the trees but what appears to be a name, Roma, above the outlined 1976. That is a tribute to the wife of the property owner.

Family was quick to chime in:

My Uncle Ray and Auntie Roma’s place. Much of that area around there was part of my Great Grandfather’s homestead

Planning for the Nation's 250th Birthday

That creation in the woods of Northern Michigan would now be approaching 50 years of age as America is close to another notable anniversary that may not yet be on your radar, the nation's 250th birthday.

2026 will make 250 years and a birthday milestone with not quite the same ring as "bicentennial." This celebration will be the nation's Semiquincentennial, or halfway to 500. Another way to look at it is a Quater Millennial or 1/4 of the way to a thousand.

Congress started making plans in 2016 for the event by mandating the creation of commemorative coins and postage stamps.

The organization spearheading the 2026 celebration is America250 and a Michigan-centric website details how the Wolverine State is planning to mark the occasion.

If you're looking for Michigan's next big celebration, the state held a sesquicentennial (150 years) in 1987 and its bicentennial is coming in 2037.

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