Have you "gassed up" lately?  No, I don't mean, did you eat a Burrito.  You put gas in the car, right?   It hurt, didn't it.  From $3.85 to $3.99 per gallon in West Michigan is a real budget kicker.

Well,  the folks at the Michigan Department of Transportation want you to know they feel your pain.
Kyla King of the Grand Rapids Press writes that MDOT has launched a new website aimed at helping commuters find cheaper ways to travel.
The new "Mi Commute" site offers tips and videos to help drivers save on gas and explore other travel options such as carpooling, using public transit, or riding a bike.
The site is part of MDOT's new campaign to build awareness about alternative forms of transportation and the benefits of carpooling.
"Affordable, convenient, good for the environment and less stressful. Sound good? These are some of the benefits when you take the bus, train, bike, carpool or rideshare," said MDOT Director Kirk Steudle.
In West Michigan, The Rapid public transit system offers an online Rideshare tool that automatically links commuters with other interested carpoolers in Kent, Ottawa and Allegan counties.
MDOT also offers a statewide vanpool service called MichiVan.
The state also offers a website that allows motorists to find the location of 240 carpool lots by searching by county, route, name, or highway exit number.
The MDOT carpool site tells commuter how to find vacancies in existing carpools or vanpools, or match with other people who are interested in sharing a ride.
The campaign includes an animated video that follows a commuter named Wally who discovers the value of ridesharing.

Check out the video.