Niecy Nash, is crazy, we already know that.  All it takes is watching one of her love videos to know she is out there on the edge, like nobody!

Well, she has been doing these barbershop videos with guys, Let's Talk About Love, is what they are entitled.  Niecy asks the men questions that lots of women want to know?  Are the guys being straight with her?  Well, you probably will have to judge that for yourself.  When cameras are rolling I'm sure there are more reservations and the conversations are a bit more guarded than without the camera and the guys are just talking amongst themselves.  ***Just think of the stuff you talk about with your hair stylist.  Enough said. 

So in this video Niecy asks some guys, "What is it exactly that makes a woman "wife" material?" 

ps More importantly, what it is that makes a guy "husband" material?  That's the series I want to see Niecy!