When I first heard about the West Michigan Chalk Art Festival, or really any event that involves chalk, what person do you automatically think of?  If you were living in Grand Rapids in 2009, Rob Bliss, of course!  Remember Chalk Flood? It's the same thing that happens every time I hear American Pie by Don McLean on the radio, on my iPod, wherever; my mind starts streaming images of the American Pie lipdub video (almost 5 million view so far!).  It's still as brilliant as it was the first time I watched it.  It's poetry in motion.  Kind of strange how big events and good music,  have a tendency of cementing memories inside the brain.

So I guess it was only natural that when I read the headline "West Michigan Chalk Festival", I immediately thought of Rob Bliss.  But Rob doesn't have anything to do with this one.  This one is being sponsored by The Byron Community Wellness Foundation, in Byron Center, Michigan. But still it's a chalk event that I'm sure will prove enjoyable for kids and families alike.   Friday and Saturday, June 22nd and June 23rd, let the chalk fun begin!

This West Michigan Chalk Art Festival will be bringing lots of color to the streets of Byron Center.  Artists of every age are invited to try their hand at chalk art.  You can participate as an artist or just walk the sidewalks and enjoy the view.  Lots of other events will be going on simultaneously such as face painting and other fun games for the kids.