No one has to tell me that we have been living through a very tough economy  the past three years or so.  Everyone and everything has been affected.  The Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts is no exception.  It's been a struggle for the state's largest contemporary art institute since moving into their beautiful new facility.

The board of directors has decided that they need to restructure and get on a more firm financial footing.  Unfortunately, the means making some painful cuts in personnel and hours.  The UICA will temporarily cut back their hours. And, Executive Director Jeffrey Meeuwsen has stepped down from his position, though he’s remaining as a consultant to the organization.

Less than a year ago, the UICA moved into their new building on Fulton and Division. But half way through construction, board leaders say they're out of money to finish the project.

They need $7 million to finish. The UICA already constructed the first three floors-- costing $8 million. But, the organization has to pay a lease, until the project is finished and it's causing them to lose money.

They have sent out a letter to donors-- saying they're cutting back hours to restructure-- and solve this problem.  Directors say, state and federal funding cuts-- ultimately, left them in a lurch.

The UICA plans to go back to regular hours within several months. Until then, it will be closed Monday through Wednesday.

It will still be open for special events, and education programs, and, of course, for ArtPrize in the fall.