Is it time for some new food at Fifth Third Ballpark?  You bet it is.

Every year, the West Michigan Whitecaps love to "spice" things up a bit, by adding some new "eats" at the Ballpark.

This year is no different.  They are soliciting new food ideas to be served at the Ballpark this season. Starting today, fans can submit their ideas regarding what new food items they would like to see served this summer.

Actually, this is the fourth year that food ideas submitted by fans will find their way onto the Fifth Third Ballpark menu. The first year a couple of sandwiches, the Cudighi Yooper Sandwich and the Declaration of Indigestion made the cut. The second year the fans took a different approach with the ultra healthy “Chicks with Sticks” (celery, carrots and hummus dish) and last year the oversized Westside Po’ Boy came out as the fans champion.

flickr/ mwlguide

Scott Lane, President of the Whitecaps, said there is no doubt, “We love food!  Face it, the food is part of the fun, the experience of a ball game at Fifth Third.

Submissions will be taken through Thursday, January 31. They can be made through the Whitecaps facebook page (, twitter account (@wmwhitecaps) or via e-mail at All submissions should be accompanied with a complete description and a picture, if possible.

The food idea submissions will be whittled down to approximately 10 finalist, and starting Tuesday, February 19 fans will be able to vote for their choice for the new 2013 concessions item. Voting will take place on the Whitecaps website,, and will end Monday, March 4. The winning entry will be on the menu for all fans to enjoy.

So, go for it you foodies.  Who knows, your very own creation may be the next new menu item at the ballpark!