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Top Tips on Grilling Hamburgers
For us guys, it is a "guy" thing, cooking on that outdoor grill is king. Nothing better than standing over those flames, cooking some of foods finest. We're experts, right. Well, not exactly. So, I'm here to help.
Time for Some New Food at Fifth Third Ballpark
Is it time for some new food at Fifth Third Ballpark?  You bet it is.
Every year, the West Michigan Whitecaps love to "spice" things up a bit, by adding some new "eats" at the Ballpark.
This year is no different.  They are soliciting new food ideas to be served at the Ballpark this…
Your Favorite Hot Dog? Where?
If you listen to WTRV FM, you are no doubt familiar with Value Connection. As I mentioned yesterday, V.C. is a great way to save money on things dogs. Being from the Detroit area, my favorite hot dog is the greek-style coney -- mustard, onions, chili...