What is the hardest golf hole / golf course around here and why.

Since I am lucky enough to get to play golf often and many of Michigan's best golf courses, I am asked about my favorites and which ones are more difficult than others.   Some courses have reputations for being difficult... The Bear, for example at the Grand Traverse Resort.  I played there two summers ago and posted a big number.   I don't think it was the course however, I just didn't play well that day.  Grand Haven Golf Club has a couple difficult holes, but last year I had one of my best rounds there.  I have also blown-up big there. What about numbers 2 and 18 at Thoroughbread at Double J Resort.

I have heard many people complain about losing golf balls at Brigadoon, better known as "bring a dozen."  I love playing there.  Then again, I've played there often enough to know the course, and as you might have read in an earlier post, I like target golf ( when I'm playing well. )

Hole 18 at Pilgrim's Run is always a great challenge.  17 at Eagle Eye is one of Michigan's best.  ( one of our golf guests scored his only hole in one ever on that hole, one of my favorite golf moments ever.  Being very humble, he didn't boast or run around like a nut.  What he did say was classic.  After the rest of us finished the hole, he snapped the score card out from it's clip on the golf car's steering wheel and said "I got a one.  What did you get. "  Still one of my favorite stories. )

What are your most difficult holes.  There is a couple tough ones at The Legend at Shanty Creek.   What about Arcadia?  I've never played there but I have heard many stories.   Here is a tough one, number 11 at Cedar Chase.   A par five and a tough one.

What about you. What are your toughest holes / courses